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On the way of circus training – part 1

I have started training aerial in 2009, January.

Beforehand I was a self taught pole dancer from 2006. This was due to the fact that there were no pole dancing schools in the cities where I was residing at the time (Barcelona and Budapest) and if there were any so called striptease schools I was above the level they taught.

There was a huge change in my life in 2008. It was in September, I was firm about starting the training to fulfil my dream of training aerial arts, when I fell on my head from a pole. I was in a stripjoint, visiting a friend and since I was there I decided to drop in some days. The pole was horrid, nothing made for pole work, obviously, strip joints are no place for proper pole dancing. I was drunk. And I was showing off my new trick, an aysha and after like 5th time my hand twisted out of myself and I fell on my forehead, I wasn’t even able to put my hand down first.

3 months of recovery time, collar and pain. No training. I could only start in January still not fully healed, but well enough. At this point I quit drinking alcohol for the next 3 years (now, I have an ocasional drink). I quit smoking pot and started to train.

I had some attempts to go start my training in December, while I was still in Budapest. I went to my “beloved” MACIVA. If for that place I would have never become any type of a circus artist. Funnily 4 years later I officially am permitted to train there.
So I wanted to do aerial hoop. No. You need to do basic training and maybe, but only maybe in 2 years you might be allowed to touch a hoop. I was fine with this, so I started. Juggling, tumbling, basic training. Tumbling, well, no. I, up to this very day, am unable to. Being at a place where the trainer laughs at you rather than help you didn’t help at all.

When I lost all hopes and was about to get back to Barcelona I got a call from a school I wanted to go to before saying that they are starting their aerial hoop course and there were still space. So I took this opportunity to give myself another chance and decide after I really tried hoop and not only acrobatics.

My first trainer got my heart by simply never saying how lack of a talent I was. He never judges students before having them trained for 3 months. And he and his wife liked me as I was working very hard. 3 months later it turned out I was not that bad after all.

During the first week the muscle ache was unbearable, from Monday to Friday I had serious thoughts of seeing a doctor, because of the amount of pain. Then I pushed myself over the second training and the third, starting with 2 times a week, then 3, one being pair acrobatics and in about 6 months to 5 days a week.