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Training, talent or the lack of it – Little girl on crossfit

Crossfit. Just for starters it already sounds damn catchy.

I think it is the kind of a sport that just by hearing about it you can make the idea of liking it or not.

I would explain it as a doers sport, it is for doers, it is not about becoming prettier or more muscular, it is about defying yourself and pushing your limits on a regular basic.

You see, I`m not that gym type, as a matter of fact, I hate gyms, I only go to gyms, when there is no other place to train. I admire my gym-freak friends, but it really is just not my thing.

Circus girl, there I feel at home and surprisingly, in the Box, too.

Here`s my story.

I never, ever thought I would end up doing and enjoying pull-ups, push-up, squats and least running, never! I was the worst in PE in school, I did all I could to get out of that class, it was always a drunk male teacher and loads of huge girls just hitting me in the face with a huge basketball, etc… (This requires another blog entry over physical education…)


After about a good year of seeing and hearing a lot about crossfit I decided to give it a go. In search of ways to become stronger for my pole dancing and surely lured by the pretty photos one sees of crossfit men with beards and tattoos all over internet doing human flags (one needs to admit, right?) I walked into the Bcn box (Reebok crossfit BCN) this end of september.

From the very first moment it was crystal clear that I was about to fall in this very dependant kind of a love. I was looking for something very differently challenging than circus. (Which in the case of aerial arts, is precision, strength and perfection)

I’m strong in many ways, but quite weak in many other. Obviously anything that works with bodyweight is my thing, pull ups, ropeclimbing, etc. Yet for most exercises I’m just a little girl trying hard, you know that poor thing lifting only the bar, without further weight, lol, and the tiny girl finishing the WODs last, each and every time? Yes, that is me. Most of the time I don’t even bother writing my times on the board and if there was a WOD3 (the easiest), I surely did WOD4…

I hated running, ropejumping, weight lifting, wall balls(I mean I didn`t know about this, but I hated it), squats, burpees, etc. And I didn`t know anything about olympics lifting obviously.

Crossfit and what it wants from your body is pretty new for me. It took me two months to not be a complete trainwreck and to be able to go from the box to proceed with my further trainings, and note, I train 5 days a week at least 3 hours a day (-ish). (Can be a whole day long thing, too)

In a good WOD I pass my faint limit twice and my throw up limit once. 2 days of massive muscle ache is also expected afterwards,but mostly it gets to be 3 or 4 days.

First we had to do 4 preparation classes, those left me pretty OK. No muscle ache, survived those well. Then I could start with the WODs.

Running really keeps leaving me out of breath and just fuck up any WOD for me. But so does wall balls and squats. I`m not a leg person, contrary to the general prototype of gym girls. And this is quite funny, because I was a figure skater as a child. (7 years later I put on my skates and I was amazed how I could skate around graciously with those bricks on my legs, like it was nothing…)

I`m quite a pussy, or rather I know my limits and I just cannot get over certain things. Like I do beautiful strict pull-ups, like 6, and that is it in a row, I`m kinda sure it is something psychological, like I give up or just can`t believe. So I decided to give a real pretty chest to deck push up a go! And yaayy, surprise, surprise, I could do 1, perfectly beautiful, elbows next to bod chest to deck. There I left that and kept doing the girly push ups.

You see, I hated push ups, so they also ended like pull-ups previously, girlies 5 set of 10, belief of death, hate, let`s get over with and forget attitude… And here comes the magic of crossfit, you stop thinking about the single hated exercise!! You are so centered to finish and do the WOD right, that you just forget that you have to run or do push-ups and a lot of them, you just do them without thinking that actually you are going to do 50+ of them in total. So with after merely two months I was able to do more than 5 pretty strict push-ups, and I had gaps in my crossfit training, because I was traveling, too. I`m still ridiculously slow with the squats, though.

So, keep crossfitting.

That`s all for now folks.