Hashtag my burlesque ass

I stumbled upon an angryish post on facebook, complaining about people promoting themselves from someone, who herself does the very same thing.

And I got this as my post:

“I know that as a performer I suck at social media, I don’t istagram enough defenetly don’t hashtag enough and I know I should. But it is hard to see how backwards this world is and how our values are up in our asses and how we criticize publicly behaviours we ourselves do… So if followme and selfie hashtags are the way, I rather stay a back alley circus performer, known by the actual people that know me.”

So, let’s chew this up a bit.

I don’t think promoting yourself is a bad thing.

So, please hashtag the shit out of any post, I’m happy with it, I might go and ‘like’ it if it makes some sense to me. When I get bored about hashtags or the obnoxious beauty posts from one of my best friends, I rather put a funny post about it, than an angry one.

Most of us are using our pretty performer names here and do act as our public personas, I personally have mixed crap on my facebook, but I do know fellow performers, that have a completely different profile for family members, which is also supercool.

This is a business

You need bookings, you need to be around, you need the entire facebook to know, that you’re working the coolest burlesque gigs, because this gets your next booking, so go-go-go, it’s the fame game after all.

Still, don’t throw that stone to others for doing what? The same.

Being a burlesque performer is not a charity

Same point, different way to put it, we are here to make money… Well, obviously we know there is more to it, as I always say, you need some ego-trippin’ going on to want to stand in front of others in various forms of naked. This is where we, 5+ years performers, uproar against new performers forgetting that this is not a charity and not your self-esteem boosting platform.

I won’t start complaining how (insert teary eye here) hard burlesque is. Burlesque is expensive.
Try a couple of circus classes if you want to experience hard and tell me how hard burlesque was then…


I like to be inspired, how about you?

I also like to see people that want to inspire others.

So, yes I ‘like’ crossfitters, pole dancers, circus artists, personal trainers and even emerging burlesque performers, because I have been there and done that.

People see a pole video nowdays, and straight on bash the shit out of the dancer for not being as good as Oona, Marion, Marlo, Jenyne, Felix. ‘Oh, she’s not that impressive?’ ‘Not that big of a deal’ Holy crap! She had the guts to stand out on a stage and compete, one thing, I either have the gutts to do, because the level is so high, seems just unreachable. And to honour her effort, we bash her down, we the public, that might have never hold a pole in our hands.

Same goes for burlesque, it is a lovely lie, that we were just this glamorous 5 years ago, as we are now, but it is not true. 5 years ago a fan dance was quite good enough with two fans and some swarovski on your panties.
You wouldn’t even get in the newcomers with that… So we critize looking down from our high horses, but should not forget, that we used a big ladder to climb up here, and worked every step of the way.

So, we should just get back to inspiration. Get inspired, and if you do, do ‘like’ it.

Selfies and followmes?

Selfies inspire me to cut off my relation with humanity if not to commit suicide.

Oh yes, I do promote my work with it, but never ever hashtag is as such.

Watch out what you post

Yes-yes, been there done that. My life was a drama from 2009 to 2012, passive-agressive, why the world hates me posts all over the place, nobody cares about that. Behave like that and you loose bookings as well.

Also, back to the first point, feel free to promote the shit out of yourself, but then don’t bash others down for it, because if I, who never actually befriended you, keep quietly receiving your shit on my facebook wall don’t say a thing either defriend you or block you, then you dear, have no right whatsoever to do so to others.

So get down to earth sometimes ladies.


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